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How to Start Your Own Sell Furniture Business

Starting your own business of making and selling furniture can be a challenging pursuit. Success in this line of business doesn’t only hinge on having a degree in the field or extensive knowledge and experience in making unique furniture pieces. It also includes knowing what buyers need and ability to tailor your furniture designs to those needs. But, apart from having furniture designs skills and ability to know customer needs; you need to know how to start a furniture business to avoid problems along the way. The following guide tells you how to start your own furniture business the right way:

  •  Choose the furniture category to dwell on to sell furniture successfully

Online furniture business opportunities are many. There are different categories or niches when it comes to designing and selling furniture such as cabinetry, office furniture, and home furnishings. You’ll also need to narrow down the kinds of materials to use to make your furniture, for example, wood, upholstery or metal. You’ll then need to define your customer demographics or target market, for instance, you will have to decide whether to sell furniture to commercial buyers, resort or residential. You’ll also have to determine whether you’ll sell your unique furniture pieces locally or beyond borders.

Don’t forget to check out your competitors to get a snippet of what they’re doing. Pick up their valuable marketing strategies and implement them in your business. In the end, you’ll have to compare prices of furniture from your competitors and come up with a reasonable price that will not impact your profit margins.

  • Choose a physical store or an online platform to sell furniture

One of the main decisions you’re going to make for your furniture business is whether to sell your furniture online or in a physical store. You might decide to rent a brick-and-motor store to sell your unique furniture pieces to walk-in customers. You may also choose to build a beautiful website or create a sales page on some of the most popular platforms like eBay and Amazon to sell your furniture prices online. The option you slant towards will determine the conversion rate and speed at which you sell your furniture.

  • Decide on the location to sell furniture

The location you choose will significantly determine your furniture business's success. For instance, if you intend to focus on designing custom cabinets, you'll need enough space to showcase different options. If you aim to target residential customers, it's a good idea to choose a location that is easy to find and accessible. The store space should also be able to accommodate parents, kids, and toddlers.

  • Select a business structure to sell furniture without breaking the law

There are three kinds of business structure to choose from; sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation. The type of business structure you opt for will determine how you file your taxes. If you're not sure which structure to choose, solicit the services of a lawyer, certified public accountant or other professionals who know the legal requirements of starting a furniture business.

  • Make a point to acquire business licenses and permits to sell furniture with a piece of mind

To operate any business in any state or country, you'll need a license or permit. These days, you don't have to drive to government premises to obtain these licenses and permits. You can apply for them in the comfort of your home using your computer. Just head to the relevant local or state website and fill out the required form, send the payment, and your documents are processed by the end of the day.


After obtaining a license and permit, you’re all set to start making and selling furniture. But to operate efficiently, you must draw up an ambitious business plan. A business plan gets you committed to the business objectives and goals and provides a clear trajectory to success. With that, your business will grow without any glitches.